As behavior analysts, scientists, practitioners, and citizens of the world, our personal and professional lives are dynamic. Global intersectionality, politics, and increased diversity in our communities has led many of us to notice increased variance in many cultural and social settings, whether expected or not. However, we awkwardly dance around issues that are facing our field and our businesses right now, in our current social and professional circles. We aim to change that, by supporting each other in our roles as activists for positive change.

News, podcasts, and social media posts aren't going to solve social issues. What they do is bring awareness about relative moments into our lives. We aim to create a data-driven, digital environment to facilitate intentional engagement and add another link in the behavior chain of socially significant outcomes: activism.

Our mission is to use the ambition of grassroots movements to bring change to our own personal social circles, while simultaneously collaborating towards national and global outcomes. We are dissatisfied with the status quo and willing to be uncomfortable as we pioneer in the direction of excellence- regardless of the often inconveniently awkward consequences.